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Image design Alenka Gomboc, ICHINCHILLA featuring Abigail

Image design Alenka Gomboc, ICHINCHILLA featuring Abigail 

Camden-based, unsigned artist ICHINCHILLA is set to release ‘PLANET OF SOUL’ – the long-awaited follow-up to the critically acclaimed first 7” single and underground hit, ‘RECORD PLAYER’.

It stole hearts and knowing looks across dance floors from Hoxton to Barcelona and across to North America… then it all went somewhat quiet. Major labels were spurned, and ICHINCHILLA (Patrick Wright) adjourned to his home-brewed studio above the pub he owns and runs in the heart of London. The result? Lots of beer served, several motorcycles built, and PLANET OF SOUL revisited. As well as a new album recorded.

PLANET OF SOUL (3.27) finds ‘CHILLA’ back up to his old tricks and with fresh impetus. The track is full of hooks, beats, keyboards and vintage Synths. A paean to liberty and a nod to the original B Boy generation and Zulu Nation. The vocals have a ‘Bowie meets Kraftwerk’ quality about them. Meanwhile there’s a longing for a simpler joyous existence, so hard to come by these days. Where ‘Record Player’ bruised its way to the dancefloors ‘Planet of Soul’ is more likely to shimmy across the bar and sway to an endless beat – suggestively lulling its audience into a trance-like reverie.

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Who? ICHINCHILLA (eye chin chiller) is Patrick Wright

What? Planet of Soul (the single)

When? Released November 25th 2022



Press photo 2022
Grammy-nominated Cheri Moon

The rock‘n’roll temple that is

The Sunset Marquis Hotel in Los Angeles, whilst attending the premiere of multi-award-winning Indie movie hit: ‘Lost Angelas’, whose soundtrack features ICHINCHILLA.

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iChinchilla - Record Player

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Edie Sedgwick 'without you I am nothing'

Edie Sedgwick 'without you I am nothing'

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An in-depth interview with ICHINCHILLA
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